My WordPress circle is completed now.

Do you remember the first paid WordPress site you’ve ever done.

Mine was a local footbal team KVV Vosselaar. They needed a scoreboard and rankings and there was that WordPress plugin. That was almost 6 years ago.

Yesterday i launched the total re-designed version, my WordPress circle is closed now. :-).

A few things to mention: keeping up a scoreboard for 25+ teams is hard labour.
In the new website we scrape the matches from the Belgian Footbal League which means a reducion to ZERO work.

The end result is UX-wise a beauty. I’ve compared and investigate hundreds of soccer websites.
I’m proud to say that this one can be placed next to a first or second division website. Even this club is ‘just’ playing in 4the amateur league.

You can call this overkill, i call it a ‘celebration’ of my first paid WordPress site and (this month) 10 years of one-men business.

Wanna check it out?